MAAC, FACT, and Farm

It’s been a busy couple weeks as I near the end of my time in DC.  I got to compete in the Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge (MAAC) last weekend.  It was a long, but fun weekend.  Balance gym showed up with something like five teams, the balance van, a couch, and some mats.  Clearly we rep our gym hard and have a good time.  My team (two guys and two girls) placed 15th out of 60 or 70 teams.  Plus, we all looked pretty badass. 


 I was lucky to be able to take some time off for the FACT course – Foreign Affairs Counter Threat course.  As stated in the description online, it provides defensive driving training, firearms familiarization, information on emergency medical care, etc.  While I am hopeful I never have to use what I learned, I was glad I took the course. It was fun, there was useful information (not just for post) and I got to know some of Mark’s colleagues a little better.  If you’re a spouse and you can take the course, I say go for it!  If nothing else, you’ll have a blast with the cars.

As a bonus, during fact training I received the email that I passed the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer exam!  One tiny step closer to hopefully finding a job in Manila.

In the not so fun world of saying goodbye, we had to drive our beloved truck, Fred, home to my aunt’s lavender farm, Blue Skye Lavender.  You can see him below looking fabulous as I hug him goodbye.  We have had him on loan and will miss him dearly, but know he is home at the farm.  I’m not so sure I will know what to do when I get to Manila and have air conditioning, automatic windows, and a radio – mind will be blown.


We had quite the adventure at the farm.  We put the boat in the water to take a little trip out to the island and as I was driving it over to the dock I heard a thud. I looked back to see the wheels from the boat trailer rolling away.  Apparently the springs had broken and the axel became detached.  Mark did wind up fixing it, but it was not easy.  After his stressful day of working we got a last trip out to the beach, followed by a fantastic crab dinner.  

It’s sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite places, the farm, as you can see, is a beautiful and relaxing place.  Luckily it will be there when we get back for more adventures.  Hopefully adventures that don’t include the boat trailer breaking…


Next up exams and pack out.  Here’s to my last couple weeks in DC!