Pack Out

I had either the best pack out ever or the worst of all time.  I spent so much time reading posts on Facebook and blogs about how to prepare for pack out and anticipated the worst, a day of hell, packing all the wrong things in all the wrong places.  I think some stuff went to the wrong place, but overall it was pretty stress free.

The day started out less than ideal.  I had an ETA for the moving truck, walked outside to make sure I hadn’t missed a call and saw not one, but THREE, cars parked in my zoned off spaces to fit the moving truck.  This meant that moving day started with a call to 911, because that’s who you call when your parking notices are violated and you need to have the cars ticketed and towed.  It didn’t happen in time for the moving truck, so we were forced to block the road and suddenly DC started to care.

I thought we had either 450lbs or enough space to fill the UAB (unaccompanied air baggage) box. Turns out it was the weight, so we had waaaaayyy less than allowable and I believe the mover said he had another UAB box.  Unfortunately, I didn’t plan for that and by the time I found out, everything of real use was packed up.  Basically that just means the kitchen was packed, I couldn’t think of anything else that would be useful to have right away.  Looking back, I would have unpacked the kitchen stuff to grab plates, bowls, cups, and what not, and maybe some towels and an extra shower curtain.  Too late though.  So I just let it all happen and moved on with way less than allowed.  They did let me have the red carpet treatment though. 😏

It was the first time I had professional movers.  It was nice to do little work, but I missed the friends telling me what to keep, what to throw away, and most of all to sit down with in my empty apartment, admire the work we had done, and eat pizza while drinking a beer and catching up.

The most useful thing I did was buy 4 colors of sticky notes and use them to label HHE, UAB, Storage, and staying.  I then put a sticky note up on the wall and wrote what each color was for reference.  I also moved all of my checked bags into the other unit of our house so they wouldn’t get packed accidentally.

I said bye to my house by painting a wall and moved into a hotel for my 10 day staycation.  The first night was fun, but it’s odd being home without living at home.  I made up for it by meeting up with my three close friends and seeing James Bay for a last show at 930 club before I leave.

Sitting at American Ice prior to heading to the show we discussed what I would be doing before I left DC.  I have had so many plans, all somewhat touristy, to accomplish before I leave, yet none of them were on my finalized plans for next week.  What I am looking a forward to most, and will miss most, are my friends.  Next week is filled with day trips with friends, or drinks/dinner with friends, and that’s what makes me most sad to leave, the people.  I am looking forward to visits and seeing the changes when I come back home. I can’t wait to show everyone around Southeast Asia, in the meantime, I will take advantage of the few days I have left with the wonderful people in DC.  So much for that DC to do list, I guess I’ll accomplish it when I move back!

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